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Strengthening Land Expropriation Administration and Protecting Farmers’ Rights and Benefits
On May 22, Minister XU Shaoshi of Land and Resources expressed that the land expropriation scope should be reduced and the land-use obviously for non-public benefits should no longer be included in the scope of land expropriation.

He pointed out that the problems such as enclosure and occupation of rural collectively owned land in various approaches and incomplete implementation of related regulations of land expropriation laws still exist in some places. The land and resources departments should further enhance and standardize land expropriation administration and do well in the related compensation and resettlement work, so as to effectively protect farmers’ rights and benefits. In the next half of this year, the state land supervision organs will conduct a thorough check-up over the illegal land expropriation behaviors amid the construction of industrial parks, science parks, and cultural industrial parks throughout China.

It was pointed out that emphasis should be placed on reducing land expropriation scope, controlling land expropriation scale, and actively and steadily carrying forward the experiments of reducing land expropriation scope, so that the land-use obviously for non-public benefits could quit from the land expropriation scope. The land expropriation process should be strictly performed to guarantee the legal rights and benefits of land-deprived farmers. The compensation and resettlement for land expropriation should be enhanced to protect the long-term livelihood of farmers, and the compensation standards should be properly adjusted to improve the compensation level. The resettlement approaches should be effectively expanded in line with local conditions.

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