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Zhejiang Province Greatly Developing and Utilizing Urban Underground Space
In recent years, the government of Zhejiang Province has paid great attentions to the development and utilization of urban underground space, which has been taken as one of the main contents of the further promotion of new urbanization process. By the end of 2011, the total amount of 110 million m2 of underground space was developed in the cities above county level in Zhejiang. The total amount of newly-developed underground space in 2011 has reached 29 million m2, which created a new record in the development. During the 12th Five-year period, the province plans to newly develop more than 100 million m2 of underground space, with the annual construction area of more than 20 million m2.

In the recent On-site Meeting of Urban Underground Space Development and Utilization of Zhejiang Province, it was proposed to accelerate the formulation of urban underground space development and utilization plan. By the end of this year, the cities should complete the formulation of the plan, and the cities at county level should initiate the formulation works. By the end of the 12th Five-year period, the cities above county level should all complete the formulation of the specific plan. The meeting required that it should quicken the construction of the projects related with people’s livelihood and public welfare such as underground parking lots, underground rail transit, underground public plaza, and underground shopping mall. The guidance role of the plan should be stressed, and the plan should be well completed, with the effort to expand the planning coverage and improve the standards. Efforts should be made to improve the comprehensive carrying capacity of urban underground space and complete the functional layout of the entire city. Quality security should be emphasized, with the work being detailed to every procedure and the responsibility specific to every subject. The reform and innovation should be highly valued, with the emphasis placed on exploring the establishment and completion of ownership system, reserve and utilization system, statistical analysis and information management platform, etc., of the urban underground space. 

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