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19 Comprehensive Transportation Hubs to be Built in Shanghai
Shanghai currently is making great efforts to promote the construction of supporting transportation hubs for large-scale residential quarters, rail transit, and suburban new towns, and a number of bus parking and maintenance spaces will be newly built and renovated in the future.

In order to further implement the strategy of preferential development of public transportation, Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority recently conducted a city-wide thorough investigation on all transport infrastructure construction projects. The data shows that Shanghai has built 115 comprehensive passenger transportation hubs (including the projects in the counties) and 38 bus parking and maintenance spaces. There are 26 ongoing construction projects, among which there are 22 comprehensive transportation hubs and 4 bus parking and maintenance spaces. A total of 20 construction projects are planned in 2012, among which 19 are comprehensive transportation hubs and one is bus parking and maintenance space. From 2013 to 2015, 40 construction projects are planned, among which 23 are comprehensive transportation hubs, 12 are bus parking and maintenance spaces, and 5 are charging stations and other projects.

At the same time, the transport administration department actively promotes the construction of public transportation facilities for large-scale residential quarters. Currently, the large-scale residential quarters are distributed in 9 districts and approximately 50 bases. 

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