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State Council Issues Opinions on Implementing Strategies for the Rise of Central China with Great Efforts
On Aug. 27, 2012, the State Council of China issued Opinions on Implementing Strategies for the Rise of Central China with Great Efforts (shortened as the Opinions hereinafter), requiring to implement the strategies for the rise of Central China with great efforts and enhance the policy support for the regional development.

The Opinions puts forward several development goals for the Central China, which are as follows: by 2020, the region should see obvious achievements on the transition of economic development mode, its annual economic growth speed should continue to be higher than the national average level, both the comprehensive capacity and the competitiveness level of the region should be promoted to a remarkable extent, the region’s proportion of economic aggregate in the total amount of the country should increase continuously, its primary functional orientation should be clearer, the region’s position as “three bases, one hub” should be more solid, its rural and urban development be more coordinated, the relationship between human and nature be more harmonious, the institutional mechanism be more completed, the income of local urban and rural residents should increase along with the economic growth, the urbanization rate should reach the average level of the country, and the primary indexes concerning fundamental public services should approach the level of East China. Generally speaking, the region should rise in a comprehensive way and play a more important role in the national development.

The Opinions requires further promotion on the region’s position as “three bases and one hub” and the boost on local comprehensive capacity and the competitiveness. The development of certain key areas in the region should be accelerated with more opportunities. The radiation and driving effects of city clusters should be brought into full play, by the construction of inter-city rapid rail transportation network between Wuhan city cluster, round-Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan city cluster, and Central China city cluster. The development of new district of Zhengzhou-Kaifeng should be supported. And great efforts should be put into economic development of counties, supporting the accelerated development of under-developed areas, and supporting the adjustment and reform of old industrial bases and the transition of resource-based cities.

According to the Opinions, related institutional support should be further enhanced, especially the fiscal, taxation, and financial policies. The economic development of major grain production areas should be supported via various national subsidies for agricultural production. Certain encouraging and rewarding policies for agricultural production should be established, and the input and compensation to major grain production areas should be increased. Measures should be taken to guide the participation of major grain markets in the construction of growing bases and storage facilities in major grain production areas. The policy of intensive and economical land-use should be highlighted. Policies concerning investment and industrial development should be stressed. And the protection of resources and environment should be further strengthened in order to realize a sustainable development. Moreover, the Opinions states that the region should be opened up in a general way and the inland economic development should be facilitated via the opening up. During the process, emphasis should be laid on supporting the in-depth reform of the foreign-related economic system, boosting the construction of airline port, and building up an opening-up highland in inland China. And the regional cooperation should also be strengthened, particularly the cooperation with the coastal regions in East China like Yangtze River Delta Region, Pearl River Delta Region, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and the economic zone on the west of the Taiwan Strait.

In the end, the Opinions requires to promote reform and innovation with great efforts, especially the reform in key fields; and the integrated development of rural and urban areas should also be facilitated. Meanwhile, the development of social causes should be stressed and people’s livelihood should be guaranteed and improved.

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