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Three National Departments of China Advocate Walking and Bicycle Riding
Recently, three national departments of China, including the MOHURD, the National Reform and Development Commission, and the Ministry of Finance, jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Transportation System for Walking and Bicycle Riding in Cities. The Opinions clarifies four principles that the construction of transportation system for walking and bicycle riding should follow, which are “being human-oriented, scientific planning, adjusting measures according to local conditions, and being economical and intensive,” and emphasizes the role of related plan in guiding and controlling. For large cities and metropolises, the goal of advocating walking and bicycle riding is to solve the problems of medium- and short-distance travel and transfer between different public transport means; while for medium and small cities, walking and bicycle riding should be developed into the primary transport means. Local municipal government should put efforts into related experiments and demonstration, and enhance related publicity and guidance, to guarantee the success of the work.

It should be noticed that the Opinions points out that the status of the transportation system of walking and bicycle riding will be regarded as a necessary condition for cities’ application for the titles like National Garden City and China Human Settlement Reward. Through the evaluation on related indexes, it is hoped that the construction of transportation system for walking and bicycle riding in different cities will be enhanced, and the local human settlements may be improved as a result.

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