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Master Plan of 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Expo Released
On Aug. 23, 2012,the Executive Committee of 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Expo held a press meeting and released the master plan and the primary spatial structure design of the expo site. The progression of various works was also introduced, including planning and design, site construction, landscape design, investment attraction, and marketing development, etc.

According to the introduction, the general planning area of the expo reaches 241 ha, including 164 ha of theme area (including 15.6 ha water area) and 77 ha of experience area and expo village. The primary spatial structure of the expo is described as “two axes plus 12 gardens,” in which the two axes refer to the “flower promenade” from north to south and the “boulevard” from east to west, and the 12 gardens distribute among the theme area and the experience area, with seven in the former part, i.e., Chinese Garden, Floriculture Garden, Caogang (Herbal) Garden, Children’s Dream Garden, Science Garden, Enterprise Garden, and International Garden, and five in the latter part, i.e., Tea Garden, Agricultural Garden, Flower Garden, Blossom Garden, and Mountain Garden. At present, the construction of over 80% of the infrastructures has been completed. The road in the expo is still amid building, so are the buildings like theme hall and plants hall and the gardening and greening works. It is planned that the construction will be finished by October 2013. It is known that there are three exhibition areas in the expo composed of 124 exhibition positions, in which 104 have been occupied, making up 84% in total.

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