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Nine projects win UN-HABITAT Dubai International Award
On Dec. 20, 2012, the 2012 Dubai International Award for the Best Practices to Improve the Living Environment of the UN-HABITAT has been announced, and China has nine projects won the award: “Linfen City Public Toilet Improving the Living Conditions and Human Environment (Shanxi Province)” became one of the top 10 award winners; “The Shijiuyang Ecological Wetland for Safe Drinking Water of Jiaxing City in China (Zhejiang Province),” “Hangzhou Changqiao Stream Eco-Restoration Park,” “Popularization of Building Renewable Energy Use in Jiangsu Province (Zhejiang Province),” “Guangdong Pearl River Delta Greenway Network Construction (Guangdong Province)” won the Best Practices Award; “The Conservation and Protection of the Ancient Town of Tongli, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province,” “Post-Disaster Urban and Rural Reconstruction Project of Anxian County, Sichuan Province” won the Good Practice Award; and “Planning Beautifying Community - Practice of Community Participation in Urban and Rural Planning” (Ju’er Community, Dongcheng District, Beijing) and “Demonstration Operation Project of 181 New-energy Buses for Shanghai World Expo” (Shanghai) won the Promising Practice Award.

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