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Experts Suggest to Establish and Innovate Urban Planning Theory of China
The Academic Board of Urban Planning History and Theory of the UPSC launched a nationwide initiative to strengthen the study on urban planning theory in December 2012. The initiative addressed that the Board should center the general objectives of “Exploring History, Establishing Theory, and Promoting Practice of Urban Planning” based on historical study and aiming at the construction of planning theory, to shift the focal point of academic circle of China’s urban planning from practical function toward the integrity of “history, practice, and theory,” so as to change the current embarrassed situation that China has the first class planning practice contrasted with only the second class planning theory.

Experts suggested that Chinese urban planners should both absorb worldwide experiences and explore our own theoretical modes towards specific situation of China, and establish academic discourse system in international urban planning field. Academic communications should be further carried out internationally, so as to promote the influence and soft power of Chinese urban planning in the global academic circle.

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