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Ancient Village Buildings Rescued in Shanxi Province
According to the preliminary statistics of relevant departments, there are 3,500 ancient villages in Shanxi Province, ranking the first in China. Among these villages, 500 are conserved completely, and another 500 are at risk of vanishing, while the rest are damaged in different degrees.

The ancient villages of Shanxi Province are characterized with local features, among which the protection and development of Hougou Village of Yuci, Guang Village of Xinjiang County in Yuncheng City, Courtyard of Family Li of Datong City, Jiulianhuan Shanxi Businessman Courtyard of Zhangzi County in Changzhi City, etc., are relatively successful. The building groups of these ancient folk houses have unique features, and the traditional alleys and overall styles are well conserved.

In recent years, along with the accelerated urbanization, the traditional culture represented by traditional villages is fading and even vanishing. According to the introduction of Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Shanxi Province, Shanxi will conduct protective rescue to the historic buildings of traditional villages, and renovate traditional alleys and surrounding environment. In the rescue process, Shanxi Province will respect the coexistence relationship between traditional architectural style, traditional layout, and surrounding landscape environment to achieve the effect of “renovating the ancient buildings as old as they were in the past so as to make them authentic;” meanwhile, the province will respect the villagers’ will to continue the village life and maintain the dynamics of traditional villages.

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