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Theme of Annual Conference of China City Planning 2013 Published
The preparation work for the Annual Conference of China City Planning has been carried out in an all-round way. Recently, Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) officially published the theme of the annual conference for this year: “Urban Era, Coordinated Planning.”

The theme was proposed after the repeated deliberation and discussion of Academic Committee of UPSC. The experts of the Academic Committee point out that, for a long time period in the future, the urbanization of China will still be in the stage of rapid development. Therefore, the conversation and coordinated efforts between different participants of social development process, including government, society, and market, the cooperation and coordination between plans of different levels and types, as well as the unification of the various aspects of urban-rural planning work, will be helpful to solve the major structural problems that restrain the sustainable socio-economic development and realize the transition from agricultural society to urban era, so as to lay a solid foundation for the building of a well-off society.

Currently, UPSC is collecting academic papers worldwide. The papers with this theme are expected. Meanwhile, there are related topics for discussion: characteristics of the further urbanization development in the urban era and planning response; planning strategy and implementation path for the synchronous industrialization development, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization; coordination and integration between national economic and social development planning (dominant function zone planning, urbanized development planning), and that between urban-rural planning and land use planning (territorial planning), etc.; urban-rural development mode and spatial organization with ecological effect as the standard; planning strategy of building livable city and pleasant homeland; technical innovation of urban-rural plan formulation and system restructuring in the background of social value diversification; integrated urban-rural planning based on the equalization of infrastructure and public service; cultural inheritance and protection of historic heritage amid rapid urbanization; ecological safety and disaster prevention and control in the highly dense urban development; study on organizational mode of regional space such as city cluster; integration of various policy zones with urban spatial structure; study on urban planning evaluation method and system based on the principles of sustainable development; public service planning and infrastructure planning to meet the needs of different social groups; institutional innovation of urban-rural planning administration that enhances diversified social conversation; policy, finance, and public participation mechanism oriented by planning implementation; study on new techniques of urban-rural planning based on big data in the urban era. 

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