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UPSC Wins “Award of Excellent Science and Technology Society”
The China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) held the 2013 National Annual Conference of CAST on Feb. 26, 2013, giving commendation to the winners of “Award of Excellent Science and Technology (S&T) Society” and “Award of Excellent International S&T Periodical.” A total of 45 national societies won the “Award of Excellent S&T Society,” with UPSC as the only one winning this award in the construction field in China.

CAST points out in the relevant documents that, S&T societies are the major parts in the national innovation system and the important strength of social management innovation. In order to improve the comprehensive ability of societies and fully exert the role of S&T societies in the promotion of social innovation activities, CAST has launched special awards for the improvement of society ability since 2012 with the help of the Ministry of Finance, establishing the “Award of Excellent S&T Society” and “Award of Excellent International S&T Periodical.” They give commendation to the societies which have well implemented tasks, remarkable practical effects, and advanced comprehensive ability, as well as to the S&T periodicals which are influential in the world, so as to further promote the development of societies and periodicals. The aim of the awards is to foster a group of societies that have strong power, good service awareness, and great international influence.

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