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Six Major Tasks to Improve Urban Infrastructure Construction
Premier Keqiang LI chaired a State Council executive meeting on Jul. 31, discussing and deploying the improvement of urban infrastructure construction. The meeting identified the following major tasks: the first is to strengthen the construction and renovation of the underground pipeline network. The urban water supply facilities should be further completed and the prevention of water logging improved. The second is to expand the construction of treatment and recycling facilities of sewage and household garbage. By the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, the harmless treatment rates of urban sewage and household garbage should reach about 85% and 90% respectively. The third is to promote the renovation of old gas and heating pipeline networks. By 2015, the renovation of 80,000-km old gas pipelines and about 100,000-km old central heating pipelines in northern China should be completed. The fourth is to enhance the construction of mass rapid transit system such as subway and light rail and to improve the connection, accessibility, and convenience of the urban road network. A “greenway” for pedestrians and bicycles should be built in cities throughout China. The fifth is to strengthen the construction of the power grid to promote an intelligent power grid. The sixth is to enhance the construction of an ecological environment and to improve functions such as flood storage and underground water supply for urban green spaces. 

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