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Keqiang LI: Construction of Social Housing is Governments’ Crucial Task and Key Commitment
Premier Keqiang LI chaired a State Council executive meeting on Sept. 25 to address the issue of accelerating social housing construction. The meeting emphasized that, improving the housing condition of poverty-stricken population was not only the “crucial task” and “key commitment” for the governments at various levels to guarantee the basic livelihood of the people, but also an effective measure to promote people’s consumption and upgrade the economic structure.

In order to realize the target for the construction of social housing as set at the beginning of this year, the executive meeting further identified three tasks for the coming period. ① Subsidies from the Central Government should be properly increased, especially for the construction of supporting facilities of the build social housing. The study on multi-channel funding should be conducted to support the construction of social housing. ② The formulation of regulations on ensuring urban housing should be accelerated. Efforts should also be made to standardize and promote the construction, management, and operation of social housing, and to stabilize people’s expectation for “housing for everyone.” ③ The construction of both the public rental housing and the low-rent housing should be accelerated. The governments at various levels should formulate and complete open and transparent policies for renting the public rental housing.

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