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103 Cities Listed as National Pilot Smart Cities
On Aug. 5, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) issued a notice specifying that 103 cities (districts, counties, and towns), including the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, were selected as the national pilot smart cities in 2013, and put forward specific working requirements for them.

The notice pointed out that, in order to address the practical problems amid the new mode of urbanization in their locality, local governments should identify objectives for smart city construction and produce a reasonable top-level design; should determine a timeline for construction tasks and the main projects; and should innovate the institutions and mechanisms, clarify the responsibilities and evaluation system, and implement the related guarantee measures. Meanwhile, local governments should attach great importance to the integration, sharing, and coordination of information, promote the establishment of urban public information platform and public basic database, and improve the efficiency of various application systems; and pay attention to the building of application system in urban development, and highlight the landmark achievement that has both economic and social benefits.

The notice stressed that the local governments should guide the pilot cities to formulate their major project investment and financing plans, so as to guarantee the successful construction of smart city. The housing and urban-rural development departments at the province level should summarize the management experience of pilot smart cities achieved last year, and do well in the coordination, guidance, examination, and supervision over the pilot cities in their territory. The cities (districts, counties, and towns) that are listed as the pilot city this year should revise and complete the implementation scheme, formulate the assignment plan, and conduct the assessment work.

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