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Baoxing QIU: Enhance Planning Guidance and Policy Support for Rural Human Settlements Renovation
At the work conference on improving the national rural human settlements held on Oct. 9, Vice Minister Baoxing QIU of the MOHURD put forward that planning guidance and policy support should be enhanced to promote the renovation of rural human settlements. Related officials in charge from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the government of Zhejiang Province attended the conference and delivered speeches.

Baoxing QIU pointed out that MOHURD had paid high attention to the renovation of rural human settlements. In recent years, MOHURD has constantly reinforced the guidance and policy support in guiding local governments to conduct village renovation, promoting village planning, propelling the reconstruction of dilapidated housing in rural areas, enhancing the protection of traditional culture, and guiding the treatment of sanitary sewage and household garbage.

Surrounding the issues such as the partial understanding of the concept of urbanization by some local governments and the compilation of village plans by copying that of the city, Baoxing QIU stressed that, in the future, efforts should be made to enhance the planning guidance and policy support, to insist on the coordinated development between urban and rural areas, and to promote the renovation of rural human settlements. These future efforts should respect the reality of rural areas, take village renovation as the main contents, guide and support the compilation of the village plan, and improve the administration mechanism of planning qualifications. In addition, these efforts should respect the characteristics of rural areas, insist on conducting on-site village renovation, promote the green rural modernization; respect the farmers’ needs, accelerate key renovation projects such as the reconstruction of dilapidated houses, promote the on-site sorting and reduction of rural household garbage and the recycling of resources, and guide urban civil infrastructure and service to extend to the rural areas. The efforts should also respect the agricultural civilization, build the traditional Chinese village archive, continue to carry out the demonstration project of the beautiful livable village and the featured-landscape tourist village, and promote the protection and development of traditional village. Meanwhile, the efforts should respect the farmers’ status as one of the main bodies in village development, revise the administration regulations of village planning and construction as soon as possible, and complete the administration mechanism of rural planning and construction.

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