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CPC Central Committee Holds Urbanization Work Conference
The Urbanization Work Conference of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing from Feb. 12 to 13, 2013. The conference pointed out that urbanization was a natural historical and socio-economic development process that would inevitably be encountered during the development. The promotion of urbanization must be based on basic national conditions in the primary stage of socialism, in which not only should the decisive role of the market in resource allocation be insisted on, but also the functions of government in creating an institutional environment, compiling development plans, building infrastructure, providing public services, and strengthening social governance should be better exerted.

The conference put forward six major tasks for promoting urbanization. ① The urban registration processing of rural migrant workers should be promoted. The main task is to settle down the rural migrants that have been transferred to work in urban areas and to improve their quality and ability of integrating into urban life. ② The utilization efficiency of urban construction land should be promoted. In accordance with the thoughts in urban construction land use of safeguarding the bottom line, adjusting the structure, and deepening the reform, efforts should be made to strictly control the increment, revitalize the stock, optimize the structure, and improve the efficiency, so as to effectively improve the intensive use of urban construction land. ③ A diversified and sustainable fund safeguard mechanism should be built. The main task is to complete the local tax system, gradually establish local tax types, and build linking mechanism between the financial transfer payment and the citizenization of the population transferred from the countryside. ④ The urbanization layout and form should be optimized. In the mid-western and northeastern regions with favorable conditions, several city clusters should be gradually developed relying on market forces and the guidance of state planning, which can function as major growth poles for the development of mid-western and northeastern regions. The development intensity should be scientifically set, and the development boundary of every city, especially the mega city, should be demarcated as soon as possible. ⑤ The level of urban construction should be improved. Efforts should be made to integrate the city with the nature by making full use of the current landscape like mountains and rivers; to not only incorporate modern elements, but also protect and develop the traditional culture and continue the historical context of the city; to insist on the thought of making the public live a better life and embody this thought in every detail. ⑥ The governance on urbanization should be enhanced. Efforts should be made to build the spatial planning system, promote the planning institution reform, and accelerate the planning legislation. Urban planning should be gradually shifted from expansionary planning to the one that defines the city boundary and optimizes the spatial structure. 

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