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CPC Central Committee and State Council Issue Opinions on Deepening Rural Reform and Accelerating Agricultural Modernization in an All-Round Manner
On Jan. 19, 2014, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the Opinions on Deepening Rural Reform and Accelerating Agricultural Modernization in an All-round Manner. The Opinion pointed out that in 2013, the agricultural and rural development continued to improve and made steady progress, the grain production hit a record high, the income gap between urban and rural residents continued to shrink, the rural reform was further deepened, the rural livelihood had new improvements, and the rural society continued to be harmonious and steady.

In 2014 and the next period, guided by the DENG Xiaoping Theory, the important thought of “Three Represents,” and the Scientific View of Development, the agricultural and rural development should be in accordance with the general requirements of stabilizing policies, reform and innovation, and sustainable development, and should strive to achieve new breakthroughs in institutional innovation, to make new achievements in the development of modern agriculture, and to make new progress in the construction of a new socialist countryside, in order to provide strong supports for maintaining a sustained and healthy socio-economic development. The specific measures include the following eight aspects.

Firstly, the national food security system should be completed. Due attention should be paid to building a national food security strategy under the new situation, completing the price formation mechanism of grain and other major agricultural products, improving the market regulation system of agricultural products, making rational use of international agricultural product markets, and strengthening the supervision on agricultural product quality and food security.

Secondly, the agricultural support and protection system should be enhanced. Efforts should be made to complete the mechanism of stably increasing the investment in “agricultural, farmer, and rural areas,” to improve agricultural subsidy policies, to accelerate the establishment of interest compensation mechanisms, to integrate and co-ordinate the use of agricultural funds, to improve the management and protection mechanism of farmland water conservancy construction, to promote the scientific and technological innovation in agriculture, to accelerate the development of modern seed industry and agricultural mechanization, and to strengthen the building of agricultural product market system.

Thirdly, a long-term mechanism for the sustainable development of agriculture should be established. Emphasis should be placed on promoting eco-friendly agricultural development, on carrying out pilot projects of agricultural resource rehabilitation, and on increasing the efforts in ecological protection and construction.

Fourthly, the reform of the rural land system should be deepened. Efforts should be made to improve the land contract policies in rural areas, to guide and regulate the rural collectively-owned profit-oriented construction land to enter the market, to promote a rural homestead management system, and to speed up the reform of land expropriation system.

Fifthly, a new type of agricultural business system should be built. Emphasis should be placed on developing various forms and scales of businesses, on supporting the development of new agricultural business entities, on improving the agricultural social service system, and on accelerating the reform and development of supply and marketing cooperatives.

Sixthly, the innovation of rural financial system should be accelerated. Efforts should be made to strengthen the responsibilities of the financial sector serving “agriculture, farmer, and rural areas,” to develop new rural cooperative financial organizations, and to increase agricultural insurance support.

Seventhly, institutional mechanisms to improve the integrated urban- rural development should be completed. Efforts should be made to carry out the renovation of rural human settlements, to promote the equalization of basic public services in urban and rural areas, and to speed up the urban registration processing of the population transferred from the countryside.

Eighthly, rural governance mechanisms should be improved. Emphasis should be placed on strengthening party construction at the rural grassroots level, on completing the grassroots democracy, and on innovating the grassroots management and services. 

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