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Construction of Elderly Care Facilities to be Included in City Master Planning
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Land and Resources, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the China National Committee on Ageing jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Planning and Construction of Elderly Care Facilities on Feb. 13, 2014.

The Notice requests that, in accordance with the requirements of “taking the home-based elderly care as basis, the community-based elderly care as reliance, and the institution-based elderly care as support,” and considering the fastly growing aging population together with the demand for elderly care services, the housing and rural-urban development departments across the country should formulate construction plans for elderly care facilities and include them in the city and town master plans. The aim is to strengthen the coordination in regional development of elderly care facilities and to promote the integration of elderly care services in urban and rural areas.

The Notice states that, when compiling the city regulatory plans, efforts should be made to realize the layout and the supporting construction of elderly care facilities as required by the city and town master plans and to define the service radius and scale of the elderly care facilities according to local conditions. The compilation of elderly care facilities plans should be coordinated and combined with related supporting facilities planning such as the urban population distribution planning, the construction land planning, the residential area or community planning, the health care planning, etc. Efforts should be made to promote concentrated distribution, functional complementation, and intensive construction of these related facilities, fully exert the benefits of integrated land use, and reasonably arrange the construction sequence and scale.

The Notice requires that the related departments under the four Ministries and Committees should communicate and coordinate well with each other, and establish good coordination mechanisms, so as to jointly promote the construction of elderly care facilities and realize the development objectives as stipulated by the Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of the Elderly Care Industry. The Objectives include that, for instance, the day-care centers, elderly activity centers, and other facilities should cover all urban communities, that the community comprehensive service facilities and stations that include the elderly care services should be built in more than 90% of towns and more than 60% of village communities, and that across the countryside there should be 35 to 40 beds provided by social elderly care service per thousand elderly. 

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