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Protection of Ancient City ought not to Rush into Mass Action
On Dec. 25, 2013, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the People’s Government of Hebei Province jointly held an on-the-spot meeting on ancient city protection in Zhengding City, Hebei Province in order to carry out the spirit of the Urbanization Work Conference of the Central Committee, to establish a correct concept of ancient city protection, and to publicize the experience of protecting the ancient city of Zhengding. Aiming at the error-prone trends existing in current ancient city protection activities such as demolishing ancient buildings to build new ones, demolishing genuine buildings to build fake ones, blind construction, destroying spatial pattern, over destruction of natural landscape, excessive commercial development, and extensive outward relocation of residents, the representatives from 29 ancient city governments and experts and scholars across the country presented and approved the Zhengding Declaration on Ancient City Protection. The Declaration advocates that: the protection of the ancient city must thoroughly study the historical and cultural value of the ancient city, rather than only studying its development value; must adhere to scientific planning and strictly implement the plans, rather than violating the plans and changing the plans at will; must adhere to the principle of holistic protection, rather than splitting the intrinsic link between various types of historic and cultural heritages; must adhere to the people-oriented principle, rather than going against the will of the residents of the ancient city and harming their interests, so as to achieve the objective of developing the ancient city amid protection and protecting the city amid development. 

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