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Shanghai to Start a New Round of Master Plan Compilation
Guidance on a New Round of Shanghai’s Master Plan Compilation (hereinafter referred to as Guidance), issued on Mar. 11 by the Shanghai Municipal Government’s website, defined the city’s development orientation. According the Guidance, Shanghai should aim at “Four Centers” as international economic center, financial center, shipping center, and trading center, as well as a socialist, modern, and international metropolis. As a result, Shanghai should strive to develop itself into a global city with worldwide resource allocation capability, strong international competitiveness, and influence, so as to build an upgraded version of the Chinese economy.

The Guidance put forward the following ideas: first of all, in order to highlight regional integration, the Yangtze River Delta should be built into a world-class city cluster with strong international competitiveness by joint efforts on its spatial network system; secondly, the regional cooperation mechanism should be improved by establishing a regional integration development platform which can adapt to the development of world-class city clusters; thirdly, the size of cities should be controlled through controlling the size of population and land use. Appropriate population size, population distribution, and optimized structures should be achieved by means of adjusting and completing industrial, housing, and public service policies.

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