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Opinion on Three Pilot Reforms of Rural Land System Issued
In January 2015, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council jointly issued the Opinion on the Pilot Work of Reforms of the Rural Land Acquisition, the Profitable Collectively-Owned Construction Land Entering the Market, and the Homestead System, which indicates that China’s rural land system reform will enter the pilot stage. In terms of the reform of rural land acquisition, the Opinion proposes to reduce the scope of land acquisition, to standardize and formulate the acquisition catalog, to improve the mechanism of mediating conflicts and disputes, to establish a reasonable, standard, and diversified insurance mechanism for land-deprived farmers, etc. Regarding the reform of profitable collectively-owned construction land entering the market, the Opinion proposes to perfect the land use property right system, making the rural profitable collectively-owned construction land able to be transferred, leased, and converted into stock; to specify the scope and approach for the land entering the market; to complete the market trading rules and service regulatory system, etc. Concerning the reform of the rural homestead system, the Opinion proposes to improve the homestead right protection and access method; to implement paid use to the households that occupy homestead exceeding the standard or have more than one homestead; to encourage farmers who have settled down in urban areas and become urban residents to voluntarily withdraw or transfer their homesteads with compensation within their original rural collectives. On Feb. 25, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress examined the related decision draft, and authorized the State Council to temporarily adjust the implementation of relevant regulations concerning rural land acquisition, collectively-owned construction land entering the market, and homestead administration system in the Land Administration Law and the Urban Real Estate Administration Law in 33 pilot county (city, district) administrative areas including Daxing District of Beijing. The above-mentioned adjustment will be carried out on trial until Dec. 31, 2017. For the adjustments that will be proven feasible by the practice, related laws and regulations will be revised and completed; otherwise, related laws and regulations will be resumed.

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