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National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference Held in Beijing
On Dec. 19, 2014, the National Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference was held in Beijing. Chen Zhenggao, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry summarized the work of 2014 and deployed the tasks for 2015, requiring that new breakthroughs should be achieved in the following six aspects: ① The competitiveness of the construction industry should be greatly improved to realize transformation and development. Efforts should be made to formulate supporting policies, complete a standard system, and promote the scale and integrated development of green building with residential building construction as its focus and with social housing construction as the priority, so as to realize modernization of the construction industry; ② Urban design should be enhanced. Urban design should be implemented at all levels from the city as a whole to main areas and sites, putting forward requirements in terms of architectural style, color, material, etc. Architectural design as well as examination and approval of projects must comply with urban design requirements; ③ Great efforts should be made to control illegal constructions. The impacts and hazards of illegal constructions should be recognized from the perspectives of maintaining the authority of urban planning, expanding development space, protecting the ecological environment, and building an urban identity, so that illegal constructions can be removed and prevented with great determination; ④ Energy efficiency of buildings should be greatly improved. In 2015, efforts should be made to increase more than 300 million square meters of green buildings and complete the renovation of heating measurement and energy saving in 150 million square meters of residential buildings in northern regions; ⑤ Cleaning projects in cities should be promoted. A clean environment is what the public need, not only as a symbol of civilization but also reflecting the level of urban management. Good experience and practice should be popularized to facilitate the creation of a clean urban environment for the public; ⑥ Village planning should be carried out in an all-round manner. Village planning should be taken as “leading guidance” for rural construction and rural environmental improvement. Efforts should be made to accelerate the planning compilation and specify the responsible bodies and supervision system, so as to build more attractive villages with the participation of villagers.

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