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Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee Urges to Accelerate Construction of an Ecological Civilization
On Mar. 24, 2015, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on which the Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of an Ecological Civilization was discussed and approved. The meeting requested that following the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee, efforts should be made to integrate the construction of an ecological civilization into different aspects and the whole process of China’s economic, political, cultural, and social construction, to achieve a collaborative development with a new-type industrialization, urbanization, informationization, agricultural modernization, and greenization. Sticking to the concept that “an ecological environment makes great fortune,” the work of constructing an ecological civilization should be enhanced with priorities to saving, protecting, and boosting natural restoration as the fundamental principle, the green, recycled, and low-carbon development as the primary path, the in-depth reform and innovation as the basic driving force, fostering ecological culture as the important support, and the key point breakthrough and general promotion as the working method. 

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