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State Council Approves the City Cluster Development Plan for the Midstream Region of the Yangtze River
The State Council of China lately approved the City Cluster Development Plan for the Midstream Region of the Yangtze River, which is regarded as an important measure for the implementation of the key national strategy of constructing the Yangtze River economic belt. The plan is also the first approved cross-regional city cluster planning since the promulgation of the National New-Type Urbanization Plan (2014 - 2020), which is of great significance for accelerating the general rising of regions in Central China, exploring the path of new-type urbanization, and boosting regional integrated development. The city cluster in the midstream region of the Yangtze River is a mega city cluster composed of the Wuhan City Circle, the Round Changsha-Zhuzhou-Xiangtan City Cluster, and the Round Boyang Lake City Cluster, in an area of 317,000 km2. As a transitional area leading to the eastern and western regions and an area connecting the southern and northern regions, the city cluster is one of the three primary cross-regional city clusters of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and also a key region for the implementation of the strategy of boosting the rising of Central China, the realization of the comprehensive in-depth reform and opening-up, and the new-type urbanization. 

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