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Central Finance Supports the Construction of Pilot Sponge Cities
Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD), and the Ministry of Water Resources released the Notice on Carrying out the Construction of Pilot Sponge Cities Under the Support of Central Finance jointly to officially start the experiments on sponge city construction. According to the Notice, the central finance will provide special fund subsidy to pilot sponge cities for three years in a roll. The specific subsidy amount is determined by the city scale, that is, 600 million yuan for municipalities, 500 million yuan for provincial capitals, and 400 million yuan for other cities. In addition, to cities that apply the PPP pattern to a certain degree, a bonus equivalent to 10% of the base subsidy will be released. The pilot sponge cities should be built into a sponge capable of water absorption, storage, cleaning, and releasing, so that the general flood prevention capacity of the city can be promoted. The pilot cities should formulate the implementation scheme based on a three year rolling budget. The three Ministries will review the quality of applied cities; and to those qualified cities, the three Ministries will organize an open debate for them, on which related experts will be invited and the result will be revealed on site. What’s more, they will evaluate these pilot cities at a regular frequency: extra bonus, which is 10% of the subsidy, will be given to cities of good evaluation results; and to those with bad evaluation results, the subsidy will be cut down. 

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