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Promoting Pilot Projects for Rural Community Building
On May 31, 2015, China’s General Office of the CPC Central Committee and General Office of the State Council issued a Guideline on Promoting Pilot Projects for Rural Community Building. The Guideline proposes targets for promoting pilot projects for rural community building: to fully improve rural residents’ life quality and civilization literacy; to improve a co-building and sharing mechanism of rural community which organically combines villagers’ self-governance and multiple subjects participation; to complete a comprehensive rural service management platform which effectively links villagers self-service and governmental public services & social public services; to form cultural ties of an integrative development of local culture and modern civilization; to build human settlements based on a coordinated development of ecological and production & life functions; to build exemplary rural communities which are characterized by good management, perfect services, civilized people, and a peaceful environment; so as to explore paths and accumulate experience for promoting rural community building and a coordinated urban-rural development. Meanwhile, the Guideline identifies the following eight tasks: ① to improve the village party-led rural communities’ governance mechanism based on villagers autonomy; ② to promote rural migrants’ participation in rural community service management; ③ to open channels for multiple subjects to take part in rural community building; ④ to strengthen the rule of law in rural communities; ⑤ to enhance the public service level in rural communities; ⑥ to promote innovative development of welfare services and market services in rural communities; ⑦ to reinforce the cultural identity of rural communities; ⑧ to improve the living environment of rural communities.

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