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Outline of Shanghai Master Plan Released
The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Planning, Land and Resources released the Outline of the Shanghai Master Plan (abbreviated as the Outline in the following part) in January 2016. Facing 2040, the city vision for Shanghai is to strive for becoming an excellent global city. A city of prosperity and innovation with global competitiveness, a green and livable city with sustainable development capacity, and a more humanistic city with more cultural attractiveness and happiness. The nature of the city is based on building Shanghai into an international economic, financial, shipping and trade center (four centers) in 2020. By 2040, Shanghai will be built into a comprehensive global city, an international economic, financial, trade, shipping, and science and technology innovation center, and an international cultural metropolis.On the basis of an assessment of the implementation of the 1999 city master plan and research on the future development strategy of the city, Shanghai initiated its compilation of the Outline of the Shanghai Master Plan (2015 – 2040) at the end of 2014.

Giving full consideration to the reality of Shanghai’s development and referring to experiences of other international cities, the Outline follows the logical framework of a “goal-strategy-index,” and contains four parts, i.e., development goal, development pattern, development strategy, and implementation and guarantee, and ten chapters, with a focuses on primary issues including the spatial system, ecological environment, comprehensive transportation, industrial layout, urban-rural community, city glamour, and city security. And the development strategy and related development indexes are also clarified. As an important stage achievement during the new round of compilation in city planning, the Outline will be used as guidance for the formulation of the overall master plan, special plan, and master plan of districts and counties at the next phase.

In 2014, the number of permanent resident in Shanghai reached 24.25 million and the total volume of the construction land use exceeded 3,100 km2, so the city is facing pressure from constant population growth and restraints of resources and environment. In view of the challenges of these restraints and the uncertainty of the city ’s future development, the Outline requires to take building Shanghai into a model city with high density, at a super-large scale, and realizes sustainable development as the goal, firmly holds the bottom line for land, population, environment, and security, realizes internal development and flexible adaptation, and actively explores the transition path for the smart development of super cities. Efforts should be made to control the number of permanent residents within 25 million by 2020, which will also be used as the dynamic control goal for the scale of the population in 2040; the scale of construction land use will only be reduced but not increased, with the total volume controlled within 3,200 km2; a rational land use structure will be set up in which the ecological land area will be increased, industrial land will be reduced, living land will be guaranteed, reserved land will be controlled in advance, and the percentage of ecological land use such as cultivated land (basic farmland) and forest land will be guaranteed over 50% in the total land in the municipality. 

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