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Academy of Human Settlements Established in Tsinghua University
As reported by the People’s Daily, China’s first think tank in the field of architecture – Academy of Human Settlements was established in Tsinghua University on Dec. 13, 2015.

The Academy is established under the advocacy of Prof. Wu Liangyong, who is a distinguished scholar in the field of architecture and city planning, and the winner of China’s Highest Science and Technology Award. According to related introduction, the Academy will function as a platform for the academic communication on major theoretical and practical issues concerning human settlements both in China and abroad. By gathering experts and scholars in every related fields and collecting science theories and practical cases in human settlements development, the Academy will provide consultation for human settlements construction and urbanization in China and all around the world, in order to disseminate related scientific knowledge.

After its establishment, the Academy will convene an international forum on the science of human settlements on a regular basis. At the same time, supported by the Wu Liangyong Education Fund, the Academy will present the Wu Liangyong Science of Human Settlements Award and the Wu Liangyong Science of Human Settlements Award for Youth every two years. 

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