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Premier Li Keqiang Arranges Works on Enhancing Protection and Rational Use of Cultural Relics
Premier Li Keqiang convoked an executive meeting of the State Council of China on Feb. 24 to arrange works on enhancing the protection and rational use of cultural relics in China in order to inherit the culture and realize the spirit cohesion of the nation.

The meeting stated that cultural relics are a kind of nonrenewable historical and cultural resource and a “golden card” demonstrating national civilization, so enhancing the protection, management, and rational use of cultural relics is of great significance for the inheritance and promotion of outstanding Chinese culture, the upgrading of national people’s ethics level, and the promotion of cohesion of the whole country. The meeting stressed that first of all, the focus should be laid on protection. The cultural relic protection plan should be compiled to save and protect those cultural relics facing emergent dilapidation risks, and the activities including dismantling the authentic cultural relics and building up fake ones, and dismantling the old ones and constructing new ones, should be strictly forbidden. The projects of protection and restoration of valuable cultural relics should be supported, and both the fire prevention facilities for cultural relic architectures and the security facilities against thievery and damage should be improved in time. Secondly, related management and law enforcement should be enhanced. The registration system of cultural relics should be improved and a national database should be established. The survey and monitor over major cases and security accidents concerning cultural relics should be strengthened, and great efforts should be put into fighting against behaviors of thieving and damaging. And the system of perpetual responsibility for protection of cultural relics should be established. Thirdly, the rational and appropriate use of cultural relics should be promoted. More museums should be included into the scope of free opening to the public with financial support of the government. The important role of cultural relic resources in the development of the tourism industry should be brought into full play, and the development of industries like the cultural expo and creativity should be boosted. To those social institutions who volunteer to put funds into protecting and repairing unmovable cultural relics at county and city levels, certain time periods with utilization rights can be granted under the condition that this does not change the ownership of these cultural relics. Fourthly, related policy support should be further enhanced. The fund for cultural relic protection should be guaranteed, and insurance products for protection should be developed. The legal private collection of cultural relics should be encouraged, and the development of non-state-owned museums should be supported. And for the protection of colored wall drawings, paper cultural relics, and textiles, a group of key science & technology demonstration projects should be established. Fifthly, great efforts should be put into the training of talents on museology and cultural relic protection and restoration. The rich cultural relic resources will nourish the humanity root of the country and enrich people’s spiritual homeland. 

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