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The State Council Releases Several Opinions Concerning Further Facilitating the Construction of New Urbanization
The State Council recently released Several Opinions Concerning Further Facilitating the Construction of New Urbanization (abbreviated as the Opinions in the following part) to allocate works for boosting new urbanization in a comprehensive way. The Opinions requires that we should adhere to the new urbanization path with Chinese characteristics and to take people’s urbanization as the center. We should take the promotion of quality as the key point, and the institutional reform as the driving force. At the same time, we should focus on the goal and task of realizing new urbanization, and efforts should be put into facilitating the reform of the household registration system, promoting cities’ comprehensive bearing capacity, and to improve supporting policies concerning land use, finance, and fund raising and investment.

The Opinions stress that to further facilitate new urbanization, we should coordinate the general situation by combining points with areas, with the emphasis on the urbanization of “three times 100 million people.” The general quality of urbanization should be promoted, the function of the comprehensive pilot areas for national new urbanization should be fully used, and the institutional innovation of the national new urbanization mechanism should be continued. The horizontal and vertical joint collaboration should be realized through both the cooperation between different departments in their policy formulation and through the implementation to form a joint power composed of related policies and reform measures, and the policy connection between state departments and local government so as to ensure a practical implementation of these policies and measures. In addition, great efforts should be put into making up deficiencies and breaking key points, with a focus on the inclusion of migrant workers into cities, the development of newly formed middle- and small-sized cities, and the construction of new types of cities. And related policy combination should be optimized to remedy deficiencies and to make up the gap between supply and demand.

The Opinions put forward 36 specific measures from 9 aspects.

First of all, active measures should be adopted to boost the citizenization of the migrant population stemming from the countryside. The implementation of policies on reform of the household registration system should be accelerated, and the control on household registration conditions should be further loosened. The residence permit policy should be put into practice to cover all the permanent residential population without local household registrations. The fundamental public services in urban areas should cover the complete permanent resident population. And the establishment of a stimulation mechanism for citizenization of the migrant population should be further accelerated.

Secondly, urban functions should be promoted in a comprehensive way. The reform of either the shanty towns, urban villages, or dilapidated houses should be accelerated, as should the construction of a comprehensive urban transport network. Reform of the underground pipe network in urban areas should be conducted as well. And the construction of the sponge city, green city, and smart city types should be facilitated. The public service level in cities should be further promoted.

Thirdly, the fostering of medium- and small-sized cities and small towns with special characteristics should speed up. The level of infrastructures in counties and key towns should be upgraded. The functions of super towns should be expanded. The development of towns with special features should be accelerated. A group of medium- and small-sized cities should be fostered and developed. And the construction of city clusters should be accelerated.

Fourthly, the new countryside construction should be driven by ways that include pushing the extension of infrastructures and public services towards the countryside, driving the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in the countryside, stimulating the development of E-Business in the countryside, and promoting the combination between poverty alleviation and resettlement in other areas.

Fifthly, the land use mechanism should be further improved, to which measures include the regulating of the connection on the increase and decrease of construction land use between urban and rural areas. This also includes establishing an encouraging mechanism for the re-development of low-efficiency urban land use, boosting the development of low hills and slow slopes areas based on local practical conditions, and improving the transition mechanism for land operation rights and homestead utilization rights.

Sixthly, the mechanism of fund raising and investment should be innovated, including measures like deepening the cooperation between the government and social funds, reinforcing government input, enhancing financial support, and guaranteeing financial demand by urbanization via multiple channels.

Seventhly, the urban housing system should be improved by ways including setting up a housing system advocating both house purchase and renting, upgrading the housing guarantee system, accelerating the development of the professional house renting market, and strengthening the control mechanism of the real estate market.

Eighthly, the construction of a comprehensive pilot area for new urbanization should be boosted. The pilot content should be more penetrative, the scale of pilot areas should be expanded, the support to the pilot areas should be strengthened, the initiative spirit in pilot area should be encouraged, and the breakthrough in key areas should be realized in time.

Ninthly, the stimulation mechanism for works concerning new urbanization should be improved from perspectives including the enhancing of policy collaboration, by stressing supervision and monitoring, disseminating and guidance, so as to accomplish greater achievements in new urbanization.

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