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Two State Ministries Jointly Release an Action Plan for Cities Adapting to Climate Change
An Action Plan for Cities Adapting to Climate Change that was jointly formulated by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and other related departments, was released in February 2016. According to the Plan, by 2020, indexes concerning adaptation to climate change will be included into the urban-rural planning system, into construction standards, and into industrial development planning; 30 pilot cities on adaptation to climate change will be constructed; the level of typical cities adapting to climate changes will be promoted to a remarkable extent; and the proportion of green buildings will be raised to 50%. By 2030, knowledge concerning adaptation to climate changes will be widely popularized; cities’ capacity in fighting against disasters like waterlogging, drought, high temperature, strong winds, and frost will be significantly enhanced; and the comprehensive capacity of cities to adapt to climate change will be promoted. The primary actions mentioned in the Plan include: enhancing the guidance of urban planning, promoting the design and construction standards for urban infrastructures, promoting the capacity of urban buildings on adapting to climate change, activating the function of urban ecological afforestation, protecting water safety, establishing and improving a system of comprehensive control on disasters, and consolidating the science and technology support to cities’ capacity in adapting to climate changes. Moreover, the Plan suggests that with necessary coordination, classified guidance should be provided. By carrying out pilot cities’ construction and demonstration, effective experiences will be accumulated and related works should be gradually carried out. 

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