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MOHURD Holds Work Meeting on “Multi-Planning Integration” of Cities and Counties
On Apr. 16, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD) held a work meeting on the “multi-planning integration” of cities and counties in Dunhuang City in Gansu Province. During the meeting, the spirit of the Central City Works Meeting was introduced, the effects and experiences of the “multi-planning integration” pilot work in 8 cities and counties under the supervision of MOHURD were summarized, and discussions were carried out concerning how to further push the work forward. Ni Hong, Deputy Minister of MOHURD, and Li Rongcan, Vice Governor of Gansu Province, attended the meeting. Yu Binyang, Deputy Director of the Urban and Rural Planning Department of MOHURD, moderated the meeting and made the summary. Representatives from Jiaxing City and Deqing County of Zhejiang Province, Shou County of Anhui Province, Xiamen City of Fujian Province, Sihui City of Guangdong Province, Dali City of Yunnan Province, Fuping County of Shaanxi Province, and Dunhuang City of Gansu Province, shared their experiences and introduced the progress, achievements, and future plans.

The meeting gave affirmative comments on the achievements that the pilot cities and counties realized: first of all, they highlighted the planning institutional reform and innovation, and improved the planning committee membership system; secondly, with the spatial coordinate as the center, they actively resolved the problem of crossed planning, and apparent effects were achieved; thirdly, they established a unified planning information management platform, optimized the planning review and approval procedure, and promoted the review and approval efficiency; fourthly, led by urban and rural planning, they improved their capacity in administration by law. Ni Hong pointed out that the center of “multi-planning integration” is to settle the conflict between different plans and to promote the scientificity of planning; the nature is to streamline administration and delegate power to the lower levels, and to promote the efficiencies of government administration and resources allocation. The goal is to stimulate socio-economic development, to improve people’s livelihood, protect the ecological environment and historical and cultural resources, and to help people have a better life. He also stressed that to facilitate the work of the “multi-planning integration,” efforts should be put into implementing the spirit of the Central City Works Meeting, adhering to the development principle of having people as the center, respecting the rule of city development, and to fully use the functions of controlling, guiding, and rigid restricting of planning. The urban and rural planning should be further reformed and improved, and the scientific level and adaption capacity of planning should be promoted. In addition, the planning administration system should be reformed by using “multi-planning integration” as the platform and work method, in order to realize the coordination between urban and rural planning and other related works, and in order to make the plans really useful and effective. The pilot cities and counties should further summarize their experiences to form reproducible and promotable patterns.

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