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Beijing: Promulgates Its “13th Five-Year Plan” to Remove “Big-City Diseases” from Major Threats
The Outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of Beijing (abbreviated as the Outline in the following part) was promulgated recently. In the Outline, Beijing focuses on problems and is determined to resolve certain “big-city diseases” including overpopulation, traffic congestion, and pollution of the ecological environment. With the implementation of the capital city strategic orientation as the fundamental standard for development, the Outline lays emphasis on the relationships between the coordination of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the development of Beijing, between the dispersing and upgrading, and between the resolving of diseases and the city’s development.

The Outline sets 27 quantifiable and assessable primary indexes, including 4 “red line restriction” indexes, 6 “green livable” indexes, 8 “people’s livelihood” indexes, and 9 “quality promotion and efficiency enhancing” indexes. Among them, the 4 “red line restrictions” are restricting the size of the permanent resident population within 23 million, are restricting the urban and rural construction land use area within 2,800 km2, are restricting the total water consumption volume within 4.3 billion m3, and are restricting the total energy consumption volume within the national standard. In addition, in order to cure the diseases from the root, the 6 central districts should not only adhere to the principle of adjustment and decentralization by reducing population density and controlling construction scale, but should also insist on optimization and strengthen the service functions for political activities, cultural communication, international interaction, and scientific and technological innovation. And the districts in the plain areas, except for the 6 central districts, should disperse the functions that are not in accordance with the regional orientation, and help the 6 central districts relieve their pressure by taking over the functions and population. 

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