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Outline of the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy of China Issued
On May 19, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the Outline of the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy of China (shortened as the Outline hereinafter). The Outline contains 6 parts including strategic background, strategic requirements, strategic deployment, strategic tasks, strategic guarantee, and organization and implementation. And it deploys 8 strategic tasks. Firstly, the innovation over the industrial technological system should be boosted to create new development advantages; secondly, original innovation should be stressed to enhance the source supply; thirdly, the regional innovation layout should be optimized to form the regional economic growth poles; fourthly, the civil-military integration should be deepened to stimulate innovation interactions; fifthly, the main bodies of innovation should be increased to guide innovation development; sixthly, efforts should be put into major science and technology projects and engineering to realize the key points leap-forward development; seventhly, a high-level talents team should be organized to form a solid foundation for innovation; eighthly, innovation and undertaking startup should both be encouraged so as to create the passion for creation in the whole society.

Regarding the optimization of regional innovation layout and creating regional economic growth poles, the Outline puts forward that ① the regional innovation development layout with different characteristics should be built up. The eastern region of China should focus on promoting original innovation and integrated innovation capacities, accelerating its transition toward innovation-driven development in an all-round way, and fostering an industrial cluster and regional economy with international competitiveness. The Midwest Region should apply a mode of differentiated and leap-forward development by gathering innovation resources in a flexible way, accelerating the promotion and application of advanced and applicable technologies, realizing the innovation leading in key fields, and fostering and further developing regional special economy and newly-emerging industries. ② the trans-regional coordination of innovation resources should be realized. A trans-regional innovation network should be built up, through which the joint design of innovation themes, the communication of innovation elements, and the joint breakthrough of technological problems among different regions will be realized. The scientific and technological innovation capacity of national strategic regions like the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the Yangtze River Delta Region should be promoted so that the community for regional collaborated innovation can be built up to coordinate and guide the regional integrated development. And efforts should be put into building advantageous areas like Beijing and Shanghai into scientific and technological innovation centers with global influence. ③ A guiding highland for demonstration of regional innovation should be developed. The layout of the national independent innovation demonstration areas should be optimized. The national high-tech zones should be transformed and upgraded toward the direction of developing high technology and fostering new industries. Emphasis should be laid on carrying out experiments of regional all-round innovation reform, developing innovation-oriented provinces and cities, fostering growth poles for newly emerging industries, and enhancing the radiation and driving functions of the innovation. 

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