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National New Urbanization Report 2015 Released
The National New Urbanization Report 2015 (shortened as the Report hereinafter) that was complied by the National Development and Reform Commission was released on Apr. 19 in Beijing. The Report indicates that from 1978 to 2014, the urbanization rate of China increased by 1% yearly, the urban permanent residential population increased from 170 million to 750 million, the number of cities rose from 193 to 653, and the urban built up area grew from 7,000 km2 in 1981 to 49,000 km2 in 2015. Urban infrastructures has improved significantly, the public service level is promoted continuously, and the urban functions are upgraded constantly. In 2015, the urbanization rate was further raised to 56.1%. The Report is divided into 3 chapters: the first chapter is the general report that introduces the general condition of urbanization in China from a comprehensive perspective, and illustrates the primary problems and the development direction of the new urbanization, as well as the new urbanization works during the “13th Five-Year Plan.” The second chapter holds the special reports, which elaborate on the works concerning the integration of the rural migrant population into urban areas, the fostering of new medium- and small-size cities and towns with distinctive characteristics, the new towns development, the guidance on optimized layout of urbanization, etc., under 8 special themes. And the third chapter is for different areas, in which the new urbanization status of different areas is introduced.  

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