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Opinions Concerning Boosting Revitalization of Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China Promulgated
The Opinions by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council Concerning the Overall Revitalization of Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China (shortened as the Opinions hereinafter) was promulgated on Apr. 26.

According to the Opinions, by 2020, major achievements in key fields and vital links should be accomplished, and remarkable progress in transmitting economic development mode and structural reform should be made in Northeast China. The economic growth of the region should be kept at a medium-high speed so that the region can reach the goal of constructing an all-round well-off society along with the other regions of China. Specifically, the industrial development of the region should reach a medium and high level, the capacity in independent innovation and transformation of scientific research achievements should be promoted to a great extent, key industries and enterprises should be capable of international competition, and the economic development quality and efficiency of the region should be significantly upgraded. Meanwhile, a new pattern in favor of the coordinated development of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization should be preliminarily formed. People’s living level and quality should be promoted on a general basis, their income growth should keep along with the local economic development, and the fundamental public service level should be upgraded drastically. Moreover, remarkable achievements should be accomplished on the transformational development of areas where resources are exhausted and industries decline. On this basis, we should strive to use another 10 years to realize the overall revitalization of Northeast China. And the final goal is to make the region a front runner in the national modernization construction, an important national economic supporting region, a manufacture base for advanced equipment and a strategic base for primary technological equipment with international competitiveness, a national base for new materials, a modern agricultural production base, and an important base for key technology innovation and development. 

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