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2015 China Land and Resources Bulletin Released
On Apr. 21, the Ministry of Land and Resources of China released the 2015 China Land and Resources Bulletin (shortened as the Bulletin hereinafter). According to the statistics from the Bulletin, by the end of 2015, the total area of farmland in China was 2,025 million mu, the reduced area of farmland caused by construction occupation, disaster, ecological farmland returning, agricultural structure adjustment, etc., was 4.5 million mu, the increased farmland area through land restoration and agricultural structure adjustment was 3.51 million mu, and the net reduction of farmland area within the year was 0.99 million mu. The total construction land area was 578 million mu, in which the newly increased construction land area was 7.6 million mu. In 2015, the accumulated fund that was allocated by the Central Government on construction of high-standard farmland, land restoration, and other major projects, reached 21.28 billion yuan. The area of newly increased farmland reached 156,800 ha. The approved construction land use area was 394,800 ha, dropping by 2.2% on year-on-year basis; the supply of state-owned construction land use area was 533,600 ha, decreasing by 17.7% on year-on-year basis. Moreover, the transferred area of state-owned construction land use was 221,400 ha, and totally 29,800 billion yuan of transfer contract price amount was realized, which reduced by 20.2% and 13.3% respectively on year-on-year basis. 

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