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New Version of Evaluation Index for China Human Settlements Award Released
The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released a notice on May 20 to publish the new version for the Evaluation Index for China Human Settlements Award and the Guideline for Selection Themes and Application Material Compilation of China Human Settlements Model Award. The new version of the evaluation index includes 3 parts: the basic index, the city practice cases, and related conditions. The basic index is composed of 65 indicators in 6 categories, i.e., residential environment, ecological environment, society harmony, public security, economic development, and resource saving, and 1 comprehensive negative item. It is clearly stated that for cities where major accidents on security, pollution, ecological environment damage, and illegal construction happened during recent years that produced significant negative influences, one-vote veto will be adopted.

According to the evaluation index, applicant cities should provide four case studies that fall into the following categories: housing guarantee and community development, historic and cultural protection, municipal infrastructure development, city security and disaster prevention and reduction, urban planning and design, energy saving and emission reduction, urban ecological environment protection, sponge city construction, and scientific and technological progress and its promotion. What’s more, the evaluation index sets the entitlement of “National Water-Saving City” and “National Garden City” as the fundamental condition for application, and the entitlement of “National Health City” and “National Environmental Protection Model City” as the important reference condition. The number of selection themes of the new China Human Settlements Model Award is 21 including housing condition improvement, community construction, water supply security protection, air environment quality promotion, water environment treatment, etc.

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