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Shanghai: 4 “Urban Renewal” Actions Initiated
The Shanghai Administration of Planning and Land & Resources initiated the 4 “urban renewal” actions that are “the plan of sharing communities, the plan of innovation zones, the plan of attractive scenic features, and the plan of recreational networks” on May 19.

The plan of sharing communities is to increase the area of public green land and public space, to control the construction volume and high-rising buildings, and include creating a 15-minute living circle and improving public elements like public service facilities, a slow transport system, public open space, and city security. The plan of the innovation zones is to stimulate the overall transformation of traditional industrial zones, build up innovation space, gather innovation resources, attract innovation talents, and drive the comprehensive innovation of the city with the scientific and technological innovation as the center. The plan of attractive scenic features is to focus on the 5 aspects of Shanghai culture, which are “diversity, expansion and saving, appropriate application and upgrading, coordination and sophistication, and in-depth humanization,” and to timely clarify and save a bunch of neighborhood, public architecture, industrial heritage, and special roads that are of strong local traditional characteristics. And the plan for the recreational networks is to promote slow-speed transport, to create comfortably accessible slow-speed space with proper density, and to construct upgraded living environment with high quality. At present, Shanghai has selected 12 projects as demonstration for these 4 action plans, and the city and districts will push their progression jointly. 

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