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Xiamen: First Regulation on “Multi-Plan Integration” in China
China’s first local regulation on “multi-plan integration”, i.e., Several Provisions of Xiamen Special Economic Zone on Administration of Multi-Plan Integration (shortened as the Provisions hereinafter), was enforced on May 1. The Provisions fully defines the conceptual connotation of the Xiamen version of the “multi-plan integration” for the first time, that is, under the guidance of spatial strategic planning, coordinating the national economic and social development plan, the city master plan, the land use plan, the environment protection plan, and other spatial plans, establishing a platform for services collaboration and management of examination and approval information of construction projects, consummating the institutions relating to the formation, examination, and approval of construction projects, and realizing the institutional arrangement for the city governance system and the modernization of governance capacity. The Provisions is divided into 5 chapters and 38 items that all originating from reform practices, and the legislation also highlights the distinctive features of Xiamen. New content like the system of examination and approval of negative lists plus informing commitment, and the simplified procedure for formation and examination and approval of construction projects in the pilot free trade zone, are also added into the Provisions.  

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