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Premier Li Keqiang Makes Important Instructions on Shantytown Renovation
On the occasion of the National Video and Telephone Conference of Shantytown Renovation, Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions. He pointed out that shantytown renovation accommodates the hopes of thousands of impoverished households who expect to improve their living conditions, and it is also the main contents and critical points for humanism-oriented new urbanization. In recent years under the joint efforts of all parties, shantytown renovation has made great progress. It is reported that China has a target to renovate 5,400,000 living units in shantytowns in 2015. However, as a Chinese saying goes, “those who intend to walk a hundred miles often stop at ninety.” We will encounter more challenges and tougher tasks ahead to further advance shantytown renovation, through which to further drive new urbanization, including supporting facility construction and underground infrastructure construction. Premier Li Keqiang required that governments of all levels should follow the unified deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, be highly responsible for the masses, and give priority to shantytown renovation among livelihood projects. Governments should tackle tough issues and critical aspects, enhance the supporting strength of finance and tax policies, and innovate institutions to attract social capitals. They should also impose stricter supervision on funds and projects, ensure the quality of projects, accomplish assigned tasks in a timely manner, benefit more households with housing difficulties, drive and enlarge effective investments, constantly improve the level of new urbanization, and eventually contribute to guaranteeing and improving livelihood and promoting socio-economic development.

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