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State Council Deploys Measures for Big Data Development
The State Council recently issued the Outline to Promote Big Data Development (referred to as the Outline hereafter), for systematic deployment of big data development. The Outline proposed a 5 – 10 year goal on China’s big data development and application, which is to form a trans-departmental data resource sharing by the end of 2017 and to construct a united and open platform for government data by the end of 2018. The Outline deploys three major tasks. Firstly, to accelerate the opening and sharing of government data, to promote resource integration, and to improve the capability of governance. This task aims to greatly facilitate the data sharing among government departments, to steadily promote the opening of open data resources, to coordinate the construction of big data infrastructure, to support the scientization of macro control, to advance the precision of state governance, to promote the convenience of commercial services, to elevate the efficiency of safety and security, and to popularize the livelihood services. Secondly, to accelerate the innovative development of industries, to foster emerging industries, and to facilitate economic transition. Thirdly, to strengthen safety and security, to increase the management level, and to promote healthy development. 

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