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Ministry of Land and Resources Approves State Land Supervision Regulations (Draft for Review)
On Nov. 19, the Ministry of Land and Resources held the 4th ministry meeting, which reviewed and principally approved the State Land Supervision Regulations (Draft for Review). Portions sent for review include General Guidelines, Supervision Agents and Staff, Duties and Responsibilities of Supervision Agents, Enforcement of Supervision Rights, Supervision Procedures, Legal Liabilities, Bylaws, etc.

The land supervision system has been implemented in China for nearly 10 years. The system has played an important role in implementing the national policy of farmland protection, in safeguarding socio-economic development, and in promoting ecological civilization. Nevertheless, no laws have been promulgated in land supervision system till now, for which land supervision faces problems like lack of legal support, no guarantee of supervision responsibilities and rights, lack of legally binding obligations, and insufficient self-discipline of supervision agents. The formulation of State Land Supervision Regulations will make up a significant gap in this respect, providing legal support for enhancing land management and implementing the strictest land management system ever.

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