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The Central Committee of CPC and the State Council: To Establish Unified and Standardized National Eco-Civilization Pilot Zones
On Aug. 22, 2016, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions Concerning the Establishment of Unified and Standardized National Eco-Civilization Pilot Zones and the Implementation Scheme for National Eco-Civilization Pilot Zone (Fujian).

The Opinions points out that with improving eco-environment quality and promoting green development as the goal and taking institutional innovation, system supply, pattern exploration as the focuses, unified and standardized national eco-civilization pilot zones (abbreviated as “pilot zones” hereinafter) should be established. Within these zones, the top-level design by the Central Government should be combined with local practices, various experiments on institutional reform concerning eco-civilization should be carried out in a concentrated manner, diversified pilot demonstrations should be standardized, a system of eco-civilization should be further consummated, and the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity in the field of eco-civilization should be promoted.

Based on the primary goals suggested in the Opinions, a number of pilot zones will be established to constitute a national level comprehensive experimental platform for a systematic reform of eco-civilization. Through experiments and explorations, by 2017, major progress should be achieved on key reform tasks listed in the overall scheme of the eco-civilization system reforms, and a number of operable and efficient institutional outcomes concerning eco-civilization should be realized; and by 2020, comparatively impeccable eco-civilization systems should be firstly established in the pilot zones, and a bunch of major institutional achievements that can be reproduced and spread over the country should be formed. As a result, the level of resource utilization will be raised to a remarkable extent, the eco-environment quality will be improved continuously, and the development quality and efficiency will be obviously promoted. Moreover, the win-win of both socio-economic development and eco-environmental protection will be realized, a new modernization construction pattern in favor of the harmonious development of people and nature will be created, and a sound institutional guarantee will be provided for the accelerated eco-civilization construction, the green development, and the construction of beautiful China.

According to the Implementation Scheme, the Fujian Pilot Zone should fully use its ecological advantages, highlight reform and innovation, and insist on emancipating minds and leading the experiments. Taking the lead in promoting modernization of the governance system and capacity in the field of eco-civilization as the goal and oriented at further improving the eco-environment quality and enhancing people’s sense of acquire, efforts should be put into carrying out comprehensive experiments on the reform of the eco-civilization system and constructing a system that is characterized by a clearly established property ownership, the participation of diversified elements, an equal emphasis on stimulation and restriction, and the completed system. A new Fujian highlighted by a flexible mechanism, optimized industrial structure, wealthy people, and a beautiful eco-environment should be constructed with great efforts, so as to make its due contribution in exploring a reform route for other areas and for constructing a beautiful China. The Scheme suggests that the key tasks of the Fujian Pilot Zone include the establishment and improvement of a system of national land spatial planning and use control, the improvement of a system of environment treatment and an ecological protection market, the establishment of a diverse compensation mechanisms for ecological protection, the improvement of an environmental treatment system, the establishment and improvement of a property ownership system of natural resource assets, and the carrying out of performance evaluation on green development.

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