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The State Council Replies to the National Land Rectification Plan (2016 – 2020)
On Dec. 29, 2016, the State Council issued their reply to the National Land Rectification Plan (2016 – 2020), and approved the Plan in principle, which will be promulgated and enforced by the Ministry of Land and Resources and the National Development and Reform Commission. In the reply, the State Council pointed out that the implementation of the plan should follow the strategic deployment of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council and stick to the most rigid farmland protection policy and the strictest land saving measures. Strategies of storing grain in farmland and priority to saving should be applied. With promoting grain productivity as the goal, farmland rectification and high-standard farmland construction should be carried out with great efforts, so as to lay down a sound foundation for agricultural modernization. Oriented at promoting coordinated urban and rural development, emphasis should be laid on sorting out scattered, idle, and low-efficiency construction land use, so as to stimulate the construction of a beautiful and livable countryside and the development of new-type urbanization. In order to realize accurate poverty relief, great efforts should be put into boosting the comprehensive land rectification in poverty-stricken areas, and support in related policies, projects, and funds should be enhanced to aid the campaign against poverty. Under the precondition of protecting the ecological environment, effective measures should be adopted to rectify, upgrade, and restore abandoned, degraded, contaminated, and damaged land, so as to realize the sustainable use of land resources. It is expected that through the implementation of the Plan, during the period of the 13th Five-year Plan, at least 400 million mu, but aiming for 600 million mu, high-standard farmland should be created, and the quality of rectified elementary farmland should be upgraded by one level, on average. A total of 20 million mu farmland will be replenished after land rectification, and about 200 million mu medium- and low-grade farmland will be reformed through farmland rectification, as a result, both the quality and the quantity of farmland protection will be promoted to a general extent. As high as 6 million mu rural construction land use will be sorted out, and also 6 million mu low-efficiency urban land use will be reformed and developed, which will further promote the intensified land use and land saving level. Farmland reclamation should be facilitated in a general way and the reclamation rate should reach over 45%. And ecological land use should be realized so as to achieve a rational use of land resource and an apparent improvement of the ecological environment. 

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