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MOHURD: Enhancing Work Concerning Ecological Restoration and City Repair
On Dec. 14, 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development delivered the Guiding Opinion of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on Enhancing Ecological Restoration and City Repair (Consultation Paper). The Opinion clarifies that “ecological restoration and city repair” means to use the concept of re-ecologicalization to restore the damaged natural environment and land forms in urban areas and to improve the ecological environmental quality; at the same time, it promotes applying the methods of renovation and repair to demolish constructions that are built up against related regulations, to restore the urban facilities, spatial environment, and landscape forms, and to promote the city characteristics and vitality. It is believed that the adoption of these measures will effectively control the “urban diseases,” guarantee and improve people’s livelihood, adapt the city to the new normal of economic development, stimulate the structural reform on the supply side, and can also be regarded as an important mark for the transition of the urban development mode. Moreover, the Opinion also puts forward primary tasks and goals for related work: in 2017, all Chinese cities should initiate the comprehensive evaluation on urban construction and the ecological environment, and they should strive to finish the planning and design of key areas, sections, and streets, start the formulation of an implementation plan for ecological restoration and city repair, and facilitate a group of demonstration projects. By 2020, the restoration and repair should be carried out in all Chinese cities and counties. The urban diseases should be efficiently ameliorated, the urban ecological space should be effectively protected and restored, and the urban functions and landscape forms should be noticeablely improved. By 2030, remarkable achievements should be accomplished in related works, the transition toward intensive urban development should be realized, and a group of harmonious and livable modern cities with vitality and distinct characteristics should be built up. And the Opinion stresses that efforts should be put into three fundamental works including investigation and assessment, planning and guidance, and implementation planning. It also puts forward specific requirements and measures considering four aspects, i.e., improvement of ecological environment, promotion of urban functions, creation of distinct characteristics, and improvement of supporting system and measures. 

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