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Guangzhou Passes City Renewal Master Plan
On Nov. 28, 2016, the Guangzhou Municipal Government deliberated and passed the Guangzhou City Renewal Master Plan (2015 – 2020). The Plan follows the fundamental principles of “being guided by the government and operated by the market, coordinated by planning to realize comprehensive promotion, emphasizing public participation and benefits sharing, and highlighting historical inheritance and industrial input.” It aims at long-term, comprehensive, and social benefits that city renewal brings about, and stresses the strategic and planning natures of the plan. By combining “development plan” with “action plan,” it puts forward four major thoughts transitions concerning city renewal, i.e., from single goal to multiple goals, from government guided to “counter-supplement and interactions between varied stakeholders including market, government, and the public,” from “single project and making progress in different categories” to “systematic guidance, design in patches, and differentiated implementation,” and from the single method of dismantling and reconstruction to applying diverse reform means (like general reform and micro-reform).

On development planning, the Plan formulates a medium- and long-term strategic thought of city renewal that can be summarized as three “one,” which means clarifying “one main line” – taking the promotion of city development competitiveness and its sustainable development capacity as the main line; establishing “one set of goals” – including goals of renewal in several fields like economy, society, environment, culture, etc.; and designing “one institutional system” – a system that is composed of “legislation system + administrative system + operation system.” On action plans, the Plan clarifies the general goal of city renewal by 2020: to establish a primary city renewal long-term development system that is composed of a stable policy, standardized procedure and completed system, constantly enriching the connotation of city renewal, and steadily boosting city renewal. On this basis, four major renewal strategies on organization, space, pattern, and action, are put forward.

On specific implementations, the Plan makes clear the control requirements and guidance on related functions and intensity, as well as principles, goals, and strategies regarding industrial upgrade in the city’s historical and cultural heritage protection and use, natural ecology protection, environmental risks control, supporting service facilities and social housing construction, comprehensive transportation optimization, and creation of distinct city characteristics. 

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