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Beijing Sub-Center General Urban Design Completed
The planning and construction of the Beijing Sub-Center is a major measure adopted by the Municipal Government in order to actively implement the major national strategy of the Outline of the Plan for Coordinated Development in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, to decentralize the non-capital functions in Beijing, thoroughly optimize and adjust the city pattern, bring the radiation and driving function of Beijing to its surrounding areas into full play, and to complement each other’s advantages and realize a benign interaction between Beijing and its surrounding areas. In 2012, the Beijing government firstly put forward the idea of constructing Tongzhou into Beijing’s Sub-Center; in 2014, the Central Government of China upgraded the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region to a major national strategy and Tongzhou District was assigned to be the the “bridgehead” of the strategy; and in 2015, the outline was approved and Tongzhou was considered carrying the future of Beijing.

Beijing’s Administrative Subsidiary Center is located at Luchen Town in Tongzhou District with 6 km2 land area for office building, and the total floor space construction area is about 3.8 million m2. The planning and construction follows 6 primary principles: being of world level, following international standards, reflecting Chinese characteristics, being high-end oriented, and formulating related plans with the spirit of creating history and pursuing artistic work.

Since June 2016, Beijing has started collecting proposals of the general urban design and detailed design schemes for key areas in the Sub-Center. The general urban design of Beijing’s Sub-Center covers an area of 155 km2, and the detailed design of key areas covers 48 km2 that is divided into 6 places with distinct characteristics along the canal.

The Beijing government asked a total of about 50 high-grade design firms to participate in the international bidding. Eventually 26 firms from 10 countries including the US, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, and China were selected. They formed 12 joint design teams in the scheme collection. The candidate design teams submitted their design in the middle of October 2016, after three months’ preparation. In early November, the project examination and assessment committee that is organized by 11 senior Chinese experts reviewed these submitted design projects. “The bidding results fulfilled the requirement of using the highest standard to plan and construct the Beijing Sub-Center with the most advanced concept,” as stated by the organizer. 

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