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President Xi Jinping Puts Forward Five Requirements for Construction of the Capital City in an Inspection in Beijing
Lately, during an inspection in Beijing, President Xi Jinping stressed that the efficient construction and management of the capital city is a vital component for the modernization of the national governance system and governance capacity. Beijing should take its full advantages, deepen the reform, and dare to blaze new trials; supported by innovative thoughts, solid measures, and discreet attitude, efforts should be put into efficiently promoting urban development and management and continuously accomplishing new achievements in construction of the capital city. President Xi put forward the following 5 specific requirements for related work. Firstly, the strategic orientation of the city should be clarified. The core functions of the capital city as the political center, cultural center, international communication center, scientific and technological innovation center of China should be emphasized and highlighted. At the same time, by applying strategies of humanistic Beijing, high-tech Beijing, and green Beijing, we should strive to build Beijing into an international first-class harmonious and livable capital city. Secondly, emphasis should be laid on adjusting and mitigating the non-core functions in the capital city, optimizing the industries structure, upgrading the selection of industrial projects, especially those in secondary industries, highlighting high-end, service-oriented, concentrated, integrated, and low carbon development. By effectively controlling the population scale and enhancing a balanced distribution of the regional population, a coordinated regional development should be realized. Thirdly, the quality of city construction especially infrastructure construction should be promoted. A functional system featured by being anticipatory to an appropriate extent, mutually connected, and fulfilling future demands should be formed. The city’s sprawl growth should be avoided, and with a highly responsible attitude toward creating history and pursuing artful work, classic accomplishments should be created in the construction of the capital city. Fourthly, the city management system should be further improved and the management level should be promoted with the focuses being put on enhancing infrastructural operation and management, transportation management, environment management, and emergency-response management so as to boost the modernization of the goal, method, and pattern of city management. Fifthly, more efforts should be put into mitigating air pollution. And the top task of smog control and air quality promotion is the control of PM 2.5, which should be achieved through major measures in aspects including reducing coal burning, strict traffic control, industrial adjustment, enhancing management, joint prevention and management, and legislative governance. Moreover, special attention should be paid to key fields, related index assessment should be conducted strictly, the law and regulation enforcement and inspection should be strengthened, and administrative accountability should be further promoted. 

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