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The State Council Releases Plan to Facilitate Development of a Comprehensive Transportation System
The State Council lately released the Development Plan for Modern Comprehensive Transportation System During the 13th Five-Year Plan. According to the plan, by 2020, a safe, convenient, high-efficiency, and green modern comprehensive transportation system should basically be established, and the modernization of transportation should be firstly realized in certain areas and certain fields. The coverage of the transportation network should be densified and expanded, the comprehensive transportation connection should be integrated and of high efficiency, the transportation service quality should be promoted, the intelligent technology should be widely applied, and the level of green and safe transportation should be further raised. Statistically, the high-speed railways should cover over 80% of cities with a permanent residential population of more than one million in the urban area, the railway, high-speed road, and civil aviation airport should basically cover cities with a population larger than 200,000, the operation mileage of urban rail transportation should be doubled compared with that in 2015, the primary pipeline network for oil and gas should be developed at a high speed, and the total mileage of the comprehensive transportation network should reach about 5.4 million km.

The Plan makes clear 8 major tasks for transportation development. Firstly, the layout of the infrastructure network should be improved, the comprehensive transportation channels that are accessible in multiple directions should be constructed, a high-grade rapid transportation network should be built up, a regular artery network with high operation efficiency should be strengthened, and an infrastructure network with a wide covering area should be further expanded. Secondly, the strategic supporting function should be enhanced, the “Belt and Road” mutual connected and linked channel should be created, a new pattern for regionally coordinated transportation development should be set up, the fundamental supporting function of transportation in poverty amelioration and relief should be brought into full play, and the inter-city urban transportation oriented at the new urbanization should be developed. Thirdly, the integrated development of transportation services should be accelerated, the distribution layout of comprehensive transportation hubs should be optimized, a safe and convenient level of passenger transport level should be promoted, the intensified and high-efficiency development of cargo transportation service should be stimulated, the capacity of international transportation service should be upgraded, and the advanced and suitable technical equipment should be developed. Fourthly, the intelligence level of transportation development should be raised so as to facilitate the intelligence reform in the whole transport industry. Fifthly, the green development of transportation should be stressed and the ecological protection and pollution prevention and control should be enhanced. Sixthly, the construction of the safety emergency response guarantee system should be promoted and a safe production management should be highlighted. Seventhly, efforts should be put into exploring new industrial form in the field of transportation, actively guiding the new consumption on transportation, and creating a new pattern integrating transportation with logistics. And eighthly, the full-scale reform on the transportation management system, transportation marketization, and transportation fund raising should be deepened. 

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